Melody's work currently examines the relationship between painting and photography, whilst looking at the effects of paint as a means for translating certain visuals from one medium to another. In particular it focuses on the process of abstraction that occurs when translating photography into painting, and exploring the notion of allowing imagery to move through time whilst also remaining an 'absolute' fixed visual. Alongside this, her subjects explore the notions of identity, sexuality, longing and loss.


Influenced by the philosophy of Gerhard Richter and Axel Geis, Melody uses photography to technically inform images but experiments with the changes that occur when one medium is portrayed using another, by embracing the painterly process of abstraction. She maintains the abstraction that occurs in this change, resulting in surreal paintings that capture elements of the original photography but become something entirely new in themselves.


Melody also experiments with abstract colours, textures and shapes that cannot be portrayed in photography, and investigates this unique possibility to create something entirely new that painting, as a medium, encompasses. Her recent photo-paintings and digital works have continued to explore the relationship between mediums by examining the notion of 're-representation' and translating imagery from one medium back into another, in cases making both the subject and medium indecipherable.


The importance of the figure within contemporary painting has recently become a focal point of her work, as she explores the elimination of the figure and discusses what figurative work becomes with the loss of this dominating feature. 

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